Elite Garment Steamer by PurSteam Review

Steaming really is the way of the future. Irons have been around since the middle ages and, let’s be real, considering how fast every other piece of technology has evolved, the iron is way beyond outdated. Fabric steamers, on the other hand, are much more modern. They’re faster, they work better, and they’re easy to use.

Steaming Clothes

So, why haven’t they caught on? Well, it’s mostly because they haven’t gotten much attention outside of tailors and clothing retail shops. For some reason they just haven’t been advertised or marketed to people the way an old-fashioned iron was back in the day. Nevertheless, these machines are capable of de-wrinkling clothes and other fabrics quicker and better than an iron.

If you’re thinking about making the switch you may want to consider getting the Elite Garment Steamer by PurSteam. Today, we’re going to provide you with a detailed review of this device that covers all of its features, talks about why you should choose this machine over an iron or other steamers, and even reveal customer opinions of it.

PurSteam Elite Garment Steamer Review

With a large capacity water reservoir, lightning-fast heating, an incredibly sturdy construction, and awesome steaming that’s strong enough to blast wrinkles away, yet safe enough to use on the most delicate fabrics, the Elite Garment Steamer by PurSteam is a seriously awesome fabric steamer.

Not only is this machine capable of getting rid of even the deepest wrinkles faster than any traditional iron, but it also kills off 99.9% of germs and bacteria that reside in your clothes and other fabrics. This means that your clothes will not only look great, but they’ll be super fresh and germ-free, too.Elite Garment Steamer by PurSteam Review

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Huge Water Capacity

This steamer features a huge, 61 ounce water tank. That’s a ton of water to steam with! In fact, it provides up to a full hour of continuous steam without needing a refill. This means you can get your entire load of laundry steamed with just one tank. Plus, when you do need to refill it, it’s a snap to do.

Fast Start-Up

The Elite Garment Steamer is also blistering fast at heating up water to a full, stable steam. The entire 61 ounce tank can be heated in a matter of just 45 to 60 seconds. So no need to worry about waiting forever for the machine to heat up, you can quickly and easily be steaming your clothes for work in the morning within a minute or less.

Power is Key

This machine is actually more powerful and consistent at getting rid of wrinkles than most irons. It heats up to a powerful 248 degrees and the steam easily penetrates even the thickest materials, quickly releasing wrinkles with just one or two passes. Even though it packs serious punch, it’s also 100% safe to use on delicate materials, too.

PurSteam Professional Garment Steamer

Here is a list of the fabrics that this steamer is approved for use on:

  • Organic Fabrics
  • Silk
  • Nylon Blend
  • Cotton
  • Wool
  • Linen
  • Polyester Blend
  • Sequins / Beads / Embroidery
  • Upholstery
  • MOST Fabrics

As you can see, you can pretty much use this steamer on anything from your favorite dress to the living room couch. It will literally help freshen up an de-wrinkle any kind of fabric without causing any harm whatsoever.

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General Features

This steamer is quite easily one of the best-made stand-up models on the market today. It’s fast, it’s sturdy, and it gets the job done better than the competition. Here’s what you get with the Elite Garment Steamer:

  • 60 Minute Continuous Steam Time
  • 1500 Watts of Power
  • 61 Ounce Water Tank Capacity
  • Collapsible Garment Hanger
  • Telescoping Aluminum Rod
  • Pant Press
  • Patented, High-Output Steam Nozzle
  • Drain Outlet
  • Large Wheels for Easy Maneuverability

The telescoping rod makes it easy to adjust for different length garments or for assisting taller or shorter individuals with getting a good angle while steaming fabrics. The pant press makes it even simple to get firmly pressed, sharp looking pants with ease. The unit also features big, easy-rolling wheels that allow you to move the steamer around without any hassle.

Sturdy Construction

The construction of the Elite Garment Steamer by PurSteam is also quite impressive. With a heavy-duty aluminum heating core, telescoping aluminum rod, and high-quality plastics, this machine is built to last. Did we mention it also comes with a 5 year warranty? Most companies only offer a measly 1-year limited warranty on their steamers, but PurSteam gives you a full 5-year warranty on the Elite.

Customer Reviews

Before you ever swipe a credit card or hand off your hard-earned cash to pay for an item, it’s always a good idea to check out real customer reviews of the item. Why? It gives you a clear, honest idea of how effective a product is and whether or not it’ll fit your personal needs.

Customer Reviews

That said, the Elite Garment Steamer is one of the best-selling fabric steamers over on Amazon.com. It has more than 290 real consumer reviews on it, too. From those 200+ reviews, the steamer has managed to secure an impressive 4.3 out of 5 star rating with a whopping 81% of buyers giving it a 4 star or higher score.

Many, many people have claimed that this is a truly excellent steamer. Some said they were able to save hundreds of dollars by eliminating the need of using a dry cleaner by purchasing this machine. They claim that this steamer is much faster and more effective than ironing and, unlike irons, it doesn’t scorch or damage any fabrics.

Very few bad reviews exist for this product, but there are some. A few people claim that they had issues getting the pole to stay stable enough for them to steam their clothes on it. A few others claimed that the bottom of the unit leaked a little. In both cases the customer service department of PurSteam issued replacement parts as the poles and tanks for these customers were deemed defective.

Elite Garment Steamer by PurSteam

Overall, the vast majority of buyers (more than 80% of them) highly recommend the Elite Garment Steamer. They say it’s the best stand-up steamer they’ve ever used and it works exceptionally well for clothing and other fabrics.

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Where to Buy It

This PurSteam steamer can be found at a number of retailers and online shops. If you’re looking for the best price, however, we highly recommend checking it out on Amazon. They often have competitive prices on items like this, plus they provide excellent customer service & fast shipping and ordering from Amazon is incredibly easy.

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Looking for a similar model, but perhaps from a different manufacturer? While we really love this PurSteam machine, there are other, similar units available, too. One of our other favorite models is the Steamfast SF-407, an incredibly powerful stand-up steamer.

Don’t want a floor model? No problem! There are tons of compact and travel-sized units available, too. We suggest checking out either the PurSteam 850 Watt Compact Steamer or the PureSteam Portable Fabric Steamer if you need a unit that you can take with you. These are two separate companies, by the way!

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